About Us

HAPPY WORKS presents events on creating with Nature to nurture wellbeing.


We imagine a future where Nature is fully integrated into our healthcare systems, society and culture, allowing the wellbeing of all to be nurtured.


To support the emergence of an integrative, holistic approach to nurturing wellbeing that is centred on Nature. To develop the resources and provide the education & training required to empower herbalists, and other healthcare professionals, to:

  • play a leading role in promoting local plants to nurture wellbeing.
  • educate, inspire and support their communities to become involved in local initiatives that create with Nature to nurture wellbeing.
  • integrate medicinal herbs into clinical practice – safely and effectively, ethically and sustainably.

This is achieved through Wellbeing Events that:

  • include talks, walks, workshops, courses, conferences and retreats.
  • provide education, training and resources required to create with Nature to nurture wellbeing.
  • explore the nature of wellbeing, the benefits of our indigenous herbs, and value of our local herbalists.
  • are intended for the public at large, herbalists, and suitably trained healthcare professionals.
  • are facilitated by well-qualified, experienced, local herbalists and other related experts.
    are supported by collaborative online resources.
  • allow a sharing of knowledge, experience and skills.
  • inspire innovative wellbeing solutions.
  • boost the local economy and ecology.

Happiness Is

HAPPY WORKS is a currently exploring registering as a non-profit company (NPC). If you have experience in not-for-profit and want to assist please contact us – [email protected].

HAPPY WORKS is a division of Happiness Is  …  a Cape Town based enterprise founded on the universal principle of happiness; researching and developing wellbeing products and services that are good, green & beautiful.

Cara Harris – [email protected]
Jimmy Symmonds – [email protected]